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Sales & Marketing Manager

About the company
About FDT System AB – FDT is a software vendor providing both POS and business support systems
for retailers wanting to make their business more efficient. With more than 37 years in the business

FDT is a leading provider in the Nordics. Our business support system Avance is used by some 2000
customers and among well-known retail chains such as ELON, Lekia, Önska, Jaktia, Klockmaster and Arken Zoo FDT has made more than 1200 in store installations of POS systems. FDT has offices in Luleå, Stockholm and Örebro. Since 2014 FDT is fully owned by ELON Group.

About ELON Group – Is a corporation housing 400 retail stores within the white goods sector. ELON
Group has a yearly turnover of around 400 million Euro.

About the assignment
Your primary objective is to grow the customer base, grow sales revenue and lead the sales team and take an active role in defining our next generation system offering.

Our current Head of sales is leaving the company and the sales team needs a vitamin injection of sales oriented leadership. The sales team needs to transition into a proactive revenue generator as opposed to reactively responding to customer requests.

You are entering the company in an interesting phase where only your imagination sets the boundaries for what can be achieved. You will play an instrumental role in modernizing and packaging what we sell and how we sell it. The company needs to redefine its position in the market, set out a sales strategy and execute it.

Our primary target customer is small to mid-size retail chains, but we also have an offering for small to mid-size supermarkets, clothing/fashion and fast food chains.

The company is in a turn-around phase and in need of re-engineering current structures, processes, solutions and infrastructure to ensure a customer oriented service delivery that scales with increasing volumes. The company is in its early phases of becoming a SaaS vendor whilst the vast majority of installations still are local and will need to be migrated into the cloud eventually.

The owner of the company (ELON Group AB) is investing heavily in FDT to deal with inherent problems and position FDT as the natural choice in POS systems.
You come into a time of great need for customer focus and service.

We are in a tough position with a huge task to earn back the trust of our customers.

You will be addressing:
- Market positioning, competitor analysis, business planning
- Define and package our offering
- Revenue growth
- Managing the sales team, assess processes and tools supporting everything around sales and
customer relationship management.
- Set clear sales targets (long, mid, short -term) on group and individual level, execute and
follow up
- Marketing and sales automation

We are looking for:
Your personal characteristics will be key this recruitment. We are looking for a mature and
experienced Sales & Marketing Manager with own drive and ability to communicate. You challenge
solutions and decisions that do not actively contribute to customer value. You have customer in
focus. You can explain technology benefit to business people. You are driven, communicative,
determined and tenacious. One step ahead is your middle name. You proactively share your own

In this role FDT will offer you the freedom to influence the way we sell and what we sell, a free role
with significant responsibility. The right candidate is triggered by challenging situations and turning
around vendor perception among customers, and has a large set of experiences to share with the
organization in dealing with customer relations and customer satisfaction. You know how to deal
with customers, especially on c-level, you know what works and what doesn’t and you take an active
part in educating our organization in this approach in the actions you take, the documents you write
and in what you verbally communicate.

In this role as Sales & Marketing Manager you are responsible for leading our sales team of 5 staff,
you are a member of the executive team and you report to the CEO.

How to apply:
FDT System and Salesgroup are working together on finding the perfect candidate for this position. If you have any questions, please call Salesgroup 08-26 20 00. Meetings by appointment. We are currently running this recruitment process and therefore welcome your application as soon as possible.

"Salesgroup visade ett personligt intresse genom hela rekryteringsprocessen och det märks tydligt att man vill att det ska gå bra för oss som företag."

Karolina Levinson

Teknisk affärsutvecklare, Multisoft