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Head of Growth

About MTEK

MTEK launched their product, MBrain, to the market in September of 2020. What a ride they have been on since! Today, the product is installed across Latin- and North America, Asia, Europe, and Africa – and that is just the beginning of their growth journey. 

MTEK work with some of the fastest growing and most demanding companies in the world, companies that help the transition to a green and sustainable future, companies that make the air handling units that give you clean air in your building, companies that provide the entrance security solutions that keep your family safe…and much more. 

In the past year, MTEK have spent much of their time rolling out their product to manufacturing companies globally. Doing this, they have freed up thousands of hours of looking for information, of collating and making sense of data, of paperwork – not to mention drastically increasing their flexibility in operation and time to market. In the unlikely event that one of them would have to recall a product, MBrain will make sure they have all the relevant information at their fingertips. 

A little more than 12 months from launch, MTEK has partnered with some of the most distinguished organizations in their respective fields. E.g., Microsoft, EFESO consulting, Altra Industrial Motion and ABB. 

Curios? Read more at;

As a part of their journey, they are now looking for a Head of Growth based in Stockholm.

Your mission and who you are:

MTEK is looking for someone who is an entrepreneur at heart, that has a true growth mindset and a proven track-record in improving sales whilst building sales-organizations and channel partnerships. Someone who sees sales as the top priority it is, when scaling-up a company.

They are looking for someone who is a self-starter, who is energized by the opportunity to build and to create, to live our motto and “make us better”.

Perhaps more importantly than track record; what they look for in this this role is attitude and ability to execute. You will be a key player in the team, and these characteristics will very likely define a large part of your success. The third key characteristic is leadership.

At MTEK, they build their teams in both senses and the word. MTEK are an equal opportunity employer in a very real sense, and they expect every employee to embody that with their own core values.

This role will not be easy, the demands and expectations will be set high. The right individual will find this hugely rewarding and fulfilling and have limitless opportunities to develop both self and others. The world is MTEK:s playground, and your tools are the best building blocks in the market for digitization of manufacturing. 

The role we want to fill is broad. You will be covering all aspects of Sales: Growth and Business development, Customer Success, Up-Sell activity, and Relationship Management. It will involve building a team on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean and taking care of customers on every continent on the planet (therefore also a fair bit of travel). You will set the ways of working that will take MTEK from a successful new challenger on the market to an established segment leader…and beyond. 

As MTEK’s Head of Growth, you will...

•  Have a lot of fun continuing to build on the foundation laid down with one of the most innovative digitization products in the world

•  Define and deliver on the growth strategy for the company in line with global dito

•  Build and lead local teams across multiple disciplines responsible for Sales, CS and Relationship Management.

•  Meet and exceed company revenue objectives

•  Identify, test, and execute on new scalable growth initiatives across different channels online and offline

•  Support the development of MTEK’s channel partnerships

•  Help continue to evolve product packaging and Go-To-Market strategies

•  Support product and pricing strategies, in connection with product packaging and GTM

•  Possess ownership of business decisions regarding market tactics

•  Own team performance: monitor and analyze key success metrics and implement initiatives to improve them, in constant contact with senior leadership functions and Board of Directors

•  Represent and promote MTEK globally: Identify events and PR opportunities, make MTEK an attractive place to work to attract the best possible talent, create a solid network of relevant contacts for MTEK across our market segment

Sales is your top priority when building MTEK and you will ...

•  Represent the customer when working with product-, CS-, and marketing teams to deliver an exceptional user experience for their customers with seamless service on all devices.

• Build and continuously develop the framework to assess and develop their team members (with particular emphasis on sales, CS and RM).

•  Analyze and understand their sales journey to optimize sales efficiency and shorten sales cycle over time.

You are also likely to ...

 • Have a high energy that is infectious and also have a positive, let’s get sh*t done attitude

  • Be a great people’s person with high level of EQ wich includes "Be humble, no ego!" (ain’t nobody got time for that)                       

MTEK offers

 Your own Pleo card (no more out-of-pocket spending), flexible working remote options for those onsite , investment in learning & developing, awesome colleagues across three offices, a truly entrepreneurial environment and exceptional customers. 

Working at MTEK means you're working on something very exciting: the future of making things. Manufacturing represents half of all the economic activity in the world, and it is facing big shifts, fast. MTEK represents a radically more efficient platform for making things. It is what people are starting to call “Industry 5.0”, where it is no longer just about data but about putting the human at the center of the creative process, with the right information and insight at their fingertips – and being able to collaborate more efficiently with their colleagues, customers, and suppliers. 


In this recruitment process MTEK are cooperating with Salesgroup. If you have any questions, please call Salesgroup on 08 26 20 00.

"Salesgroup visade ett personligt intresse genom hela rekryteringsprocessen och det märks tydligt att man vill att det ska gå bra för oss som företag."

Karolina Levinson

Teknisk affärsutvecklare, Multisoft