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About the company:

RaceID will change the way participants all over the world experience races. Over 130 000 participants in more than 40 countries use the platform for their digital race journey through a community with an integrated event management platform. RaceID have partnerships with epic brands of the race community such as XTRI-World Tour and Tough Viking.

RaceID aim to become the leading platform for race participants everywhere and they are now ready to take the next step in their evolution with the recruitment of a Chief Commercial Officer (CCO). 

You will join an already successful team including serial entrepreneurs, world champions, record holders and adventurers. They truly live endurance racing and take their energy from delivering the best product to organizers and race participants all over the world.

About the culture:

·      RaceID exists to inspire more people to embrace an active lifestyle. This long-term vision is why they get out of bed every day and is what they strive for in the long-term. 

·      The people at RaceID are passionate about what they do, and this encompasses the whole organization. At the same time, they are business driven and always look to how they can take the business forward. 

·      They want to have fun while creating business. With fun they mean embracing the active lifestyle on your own level. If you are not interested in being active, they are probably not the right fit. 

·      Co-creating the future is their mantra. They believe that they are stronger together and that by involving each other in decisions, problems and tasks will deliver a better solution.

Read more at;

About the role:

As CCO you will have a key role in the company being responsible for leading and developing the sales strategy at RaceID. In this role you will develop the growth plan for RaceID's scalable growth model and enhance structures to cope with rapid growth in many geographical / vertical markets. All to ensure the growth strategy and lead the building of a growth team whose work permeates the entire sales department. 

The CCO will also ensure that the sales goals are followed with an active and structured sales management and ensure that, together with the CPO, the product is aligned with the sales goals. 

As a person you are outgoing, creative, driven and like what we do. You have experience from scaling-up and building successful teams. We will put a lot of emphasis on personality as this role will be central to the business, team development and strategy going forward.

Are you interested in this unique opportunity?

We are looking for:

As a person you consider this to be more than just another job. You are not afraid to put in the hours needed, but also want to reach the stars. Your personality is of essence as you will work side by side with the other founders. 

The most important capabilities for RaceID right now is;

1.   Execution of a mix of SaaS and Traditional sales to deliver results where emphasis is on the SaaS-sales model

·      We are in a phase where we need to drive sales and expand the commercial business. The most important characteristic is to drive results in both SaaS-sales and be able to balance the traditional sales process.

2.   Strategic development

·      The second most important characteristic is to take RaceID´s commercial strategy to the next level. You need to be able to think big, really big! RaceID are seeking to be the global champion of their industry and you therefore need to have a mindset to co-create (with the rest of the team) a strategy that will take them to the stars.

3.   Leadership skills

·      At RaceID they believe that the people make the difference, and you therefore need to be able to lead your team to new heights. With leadership they mean empathetic while at the same time results focused leadership. The person suiting the team will need to have the balance of building a great team while at the same time making them deliver value from day one.

Other capabilities you need to have:

·      Previous experience from start/scale-ups

·      Several years of experience from building successful sales/growth teams

·      Leadership experience from leading expanding teams

·      Proven track record of creating and implementing commercial strategies

·      Driven and self motivated

·      Have a digital mindset

·      A team player

·      English

Also, nice if you have:

·      Track record of scaling up businesses internationally

·      Experience from working with HubSpot

What RaceID offers:

Are you ready for this challenge? RaceID offers an ambitious, team oriented, fun, and creative workspace, who has an exciting journey ahead. You will have a key position in this journey to conquer the international market and lead the way to help RaceID become the global champion they're aiming for. For this position RaceID offers a fixed salary and an option program.


In this recruitment process, RaceID collaborates with Salesgroup. If you have any questions, you are welcome to call 08-26 20 00. We apply continuous selection in this recruitment process and therefore welcome your application as soon as possible.

"Salesgroup visade ett personligt intresse genom hela rekryteringsprocessen och det märks tydligt att man vill att det ska gå bra för oss som företag."

Karolina Levinson

Teknisk affärsutvecklare, Multisoft