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Recruiting DevOps, Solution Architects, Cloud Consultants, Azure Specialists, Network Engineers, CISOs, Pre-sales experts, Evangelists, or Ninjas?


Recruiting technical personnel within the IT/Tech sector is a challenge that demands knowledge, precision, and hard work. The shortage of technically qualified workforce has created a tough competitive landscape where many companies in Sweden are battling for the same expertise. The recruitment consultant plays a crucial role in this context. It is their task to find and identify the right candidates. Through their knowledge of the industry as well as specific technical areas, the recruitment consultant can create a clear and structured plan to attract and engage potential candidates.

As technology is often the focus for these candidates, the recruitment consultant (and others involved in the process) must be able to engage in technical dialogues. It is often crucial to discuss technical challenges and opportunities in a way that demonstrates the company's seriousness and commitment to finding the best solutions. Credibility is paramount.

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Experience counts: With several years of experience in matching IT/Tech talents, our recruiters have a deep understanding of the industry and the fast-paced candidate market.

Extensive networks: Our recruiters have vast and comprehensive networks of potential candidates and proactively engage, both at industry events and in various communities, to continually identify new contacts. This enables us to reach out to the most sought-after candidates even before they consider switching jobs.

Tailored matching: We understand that every company is unique and has its specific needs. Our recruitment consultants work closely with you to identify exactly which skills and qualities you are looking for and then match those that fit perfectly into your organization.

Fast and efficient: We know that time is money and work swiftly to fill your vacant positions with the right expertise. We minimize unnecessary lead times and simplify the recruitment process.

Commitment to quality: We always prioritize quality. Our recruitment consultants conduct competency-based interviews and assessments to ensure that each candidate meets your requirements and expectations.

Let our experienced recruitment consultants do the job and provide you access to the best candidates in the market. A dedicated recruitment consultant or a customized team of resources, all with the right background and expertise, will help you meet your organization's competency needs both in the short and long term. Scalable, both up and down, from a few hours a month to full-time.

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Salesgroup has helped us with the recruitment of several roles and we are very pleased with the cooperation. What sets them apart is their understanding of our business, culture and what we are looking for in the different roles. This understanding, combined with effective searching for applicants, means they successfully attract and present relevant candidates to us. They are fast, responsive, efficient and professional. I highly recommend them as a recruitment company.

Peter Kolnhofer

Founder & Business Developer, Developers Bay, Developers Shore & Techstars

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