Executive Search & Headhunting

Executive Search & Headhunting

We support you with recruitment of the best competence for your company.

Leaders in IT/Tech

In IT/Tech, candidates are usually required to have a deeper understanding and the right domain expertise. This could be a specific technology, software or service. At Salesgroup, we have been working with outreach recruitment, also called "search", since the beginning. This way we can guarantee that you meet the right candidates directly, regardless of the position.

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Outreach recruitment

Outreach recruitment is often both time-consuming and difficult. A role can be as attractive as you want it to be, but if you do not get anyone to listen, your message won't reach the right people. One of our absolute strengths is our large and relevant candidate network. Since our inception, we have met and interviewed close to 20,000 candidates for senior and commercial positions. We combine our established candidate relationships with a constant active search for new talent. We do this both proactively and for specific assignments where the requirements for the right background and skills are crucial.

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Search & Headhunting

The difference between Search and Headhunting

A common misconception is that search is the same as headhunting. In headhunting, we work by contacting people who have already been identified and named. Headhunting is a common way of recruiting specialists and managers. Using search in recruitment is an effective way to ensure that you meet relevant candidates. However, as a client you must understand, and respect, that the candidate has been contacted. In other words, your potential dream candidate has not applied for the position themselves.

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A quality-assured recruitment process

A good, well-defined recruitment process from the start, is always important. After all, it is about how you want your company to be perceived in the market. Going through the steps you intend to take a candidate through is therefore something that is discussed carefully before the assignment begins. Below we share some valuable tips.


Here are some tios and guidelines for a successful recruitment process:

1. Take note of the documentation we provide. In addition to the candidate's salary and notice period, it also states what the candidate is attracted to and what he or she is not attracted to. It is not very professional to say that you cannot afford their salary when it comes time to negotiate a contract (yes, it happens).

2. The first meeting is all about getting to know each other. If the candidate has been approached for the position, it is therefore particularly important that you explain who you are, what your objectives are and what you are looking for. Starting off a first meeting, with a candidate who has been contacted, like a homework quiz, is doomed to fail. Make it clear in the first meeting what your recruitment process looks like. How long is it in terms of time, how many meetings should the candidate expect. Do you use panel interviews, work samples etc.

3. Do not assume that your colleague who will meet the candidate in a possible second meeting will describe the role, the company or even your expectations in the same way. Ensure this and clearly communicate what you want to get out of the meeting. Ask yourself if you would have stuck with a recruitment process for eight weeks.

4. It is a candidate-driven market, so assume that your potential dream candidate has several options, such as staying with their current employer or going to work for your competitor. So, make sure you have a clear recruitment process, which runs at a reasonable pace. Nobody likes a lengthy process of meetings for meetings' sake.

5. Be respectful of each other's calendars.

6. Give feedback, even if it is just to say that you have nothing to say. Radio silence during a recruitment process leads to speculation by both parties.

7. Be honest and clear with your feedback. If during the process it turns out that you are not actually "right" for each other, it is not the end of the world. You have both saved each other time and money. However, don't be sloppy with the feedback. Honestly conveying that the cultural fit was just not there, is professional. However, saying nothing more than no thanks, after the candidate has invested their time, is unprofessional. Of course, we can also handle the feedbacking for you.

8. Stay in touch. Just because the timing turned out to be wrong now does not mean it won't be right in six months or a year.

My experience with Salesgroup is very positive. Clear and good feedback with the candidates throughout the process. Reconciliations take place on an ongoing basis between Dustin, Salesgroup and the candidates. The desire to find the right type of candidate for the assignment and completion of the process. The experience of your portal is very good. Salesgroup is an obvious choice for me if recruitment is on the agenda.

Jonas Hellman

Teamleader SMB Mid, Dustin, Stockholm

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