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Different needs require different solutions

We engage in either the entire process or specific phases.

Whole or part of the process - what does that mean?

Competition for the best candidates has never been higher. At the same time, we understand that not all clients have the same challenges or needs. Today you need to work broader and more cleverly to be successful. Whatever your needs, we will work with you to tailor our approach. We can help you with a specific recruitment but we can also be your TA partner, or provide overall support for your sourcing strategy.

Relevant expertise

Whether you are a SaaS company facing a scale-up, a consultancy needing to recruit a new CEO, or in need of an ongoing pipeline of qualified candidates for your business, we will find a solution that suits you.

Prior understanding and relevant industry expertise are absolutely essential. All of us at Salesgroup have broad and extensive experience in the IT/Tech industry, recruitment, sales and leadership.

The importance of a solid network

How do we find the best talent in the market? Since our very beginning, we have been working with outreach recruitment and therefore we spend a very large part of our time networking with IT and Tech talent. Over the years we have met, interviewed and qualified tens of thousands of talented sales people and leaders. This work ensures that we can identify and deliver the right candidate for the right job in a qualified, accurate and efficient manner.

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We are cost-conscius

We are entrepreneurs ourselves and know what it costs to hire. That is why we base our fixed fees on the difficulty of the assignment, not the candidate's salary requirements. Nor do we require you to buy newspaper ads or website banners to find the right candidate.

Contact a Recruitment Consultant

Our recruitment process

To find and secure the right candidates, we work with outreach recruitment (search and headhunting) in parallel with networking in the right channels and forums. As a client, you can choose to buy the whole or part of the recruitment process, depending on your needs.

Step 1

The recruitments profile

To ensure your needs are met and to understand what you are looking for, we will draw up a requirements profile. The requirements profile will then be the foundation for the mapping and search we will do

Step 2

Mapping & Search

We work exclusively with outreach recruitment, which means that we actively contact the candidates we think are best suited for the role. We do this by mapping and searching our own established networks and by finding and identifying new candidates. 

Step 3

Telephone interviews & interviews

After we have contacted interesting candidates, telephone interviews and interviews are conducted remotely or in person. During the interviews, we ensure the candidate's competence in relation to their previous experience and against the established requirements profile made in step 1.

Step 4

Background check & candidate background

The candidates that your recruitment consultant finds most suitable for the role will be subject to a background check and a candidate presentation will be written and presented in our recruitment tool. There you will have the opportunity to retrieve all the collected information about the candidate digitally and give feedback.

Step 5

Interview at client

After our interviews and presentations, your internal recruitment process will follow, which normally includes between 1-3 meetings. We at Salesgroup coordinate and follow up on these meetings and address any issues that arise during the process.


Step 6

Test & Case

During the process, we have the possibility to help you perform tests and cases on the candidates if desired. The tests look different depending on what you want to get out of them and how you intend to use the results.

Step 7

Referencing & Contract writing

We can help you obtain references for the candidate and even if we are not involved in negotiating the salary, we can assist you with information on salary levels and tips on commission and bonus models.

Honest and for the long-term – Salesgroup are a partner that I use to varying degrees all the time. 

Christian Johansson

Head of People & Culture, Eficode Sweden

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Tech Data

We offer the Second Opinion service which consists of skills testing and personal analysis as well as an in-depth interview with...

Sometimes you may need support in your recruitment process. Perhaps you have selected a candidate that you feel you could use a deeper understanding of, or you have several candidates to choose from but find it difficult to make a final decision.

Our recruitment consultants meet hundreds of salespeople every year and our experience, combined with a structured in-depth interview and test results, means we can give you an even deeper insight into the candidate and their ability to succeed in the role.


Analyses and tests as complementary tools

Personality assessments and skills tests are a good complementary tool to use, both in recruitment processes but also for the purpose of developing yourself and your employees.

In a personal analysis you get a picture of how a person will choose to act in different situations, what drives them and what potentials and development opportunities they have.

A skills test determines the candidate's ability to absorb new information and the level of complexity of information the candidate can handle.

We offer market-leading people analytics from Talent Q and Disc analytics. The tests are carried out by our certified recruitment consultants. Afterwards, the tester and you, the client, will receive feedback.

You can choose to complement your recruitment process with tests, conducting them on specific employees or on entire groups.

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